Workout Generator [Download]

Workout Generator [Download]

Workout Generator [Download]

Workout Generator is a handy application that will become the tool to use when generating a workout routine, by trainers and trainees as one.

The principle is simple: you have a workout page, you fill it with exercises, your comments and so on.. and send to a printer/a trainee/a mobile device.

• a smooth and clear user interface, easy to use

• more than 70 exercises (and counting…)

• a 3D anatomy model to filter exercises by a chosen target muscle

• convenient trainees and workouts management

• instant auto saving in a local database – no need of files

• printing or saving a workout as an image

• English/Hebrew languages

System Requirements:
Processor:   any
RAM:   any
Hard Disk:   any

Generate a workout easily using a simple interface, and sub-routine windows.
A gallery of 79 home and park video exercises (dumbbell exercises included)
Save/Load a workout. Send it as a file to your trainees.
Print the workout
Export the workout to an image, and put it on your mobile device so you/your trainees can view it while exercising.

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