MICR Check Position Gauge : Print it yourself in minutes [Download]

MICR Check Position Gauge : Print it yourself in minutes [Download]

MICR Check Position Gauge : Print it yourself in minutes [Download]

Do you want a MICR Check Position Gauge instantly ?

This MICR measurement and layout gauge is a PDF file to print on transparent film with a high resolution printer. This clear film overlay design will be suitable to verify individual checks as well as sheets or rolls of uncut forms.  Printing can be done through a laser printer, or an inkjet printer on the proper film, available at most fine office supply stores. You can also use typesetting film.

The app checks that the proper software is installed on your machine (Adobe Reader DC or Google Chrome) and if they are not present, will assist in downloading and installing them.

If you already have a high precision PDF tool such as Acrobat DC, you can save the PDF file itself to print it separately.

High precision printing : you will be able to verify the precision of your printing by comparing the ruler on top of the gauge. If it was off, you will know immediately what to do.

Quickly and accurately measure :

  •     Minimum and maximum form width and length
  •     Optical clear band
  •     Character spacing (horizontal and vertical)
  •     Character and line skew
  •     Character size and stroke width
  •     Clear band area and encoding strip area
  •     Field position within the clear band area
  •     Fields placement for MICR readers
  •     Measurements in inches and millimeters
  •     Skew

MICR E13B Gauge targets the most recent standards :
ANSI X9.100-160-1-2009 and CPA600.

This precision tool lets you immediately spot what needs nudging or improvement with MICR printing. Precise placement and spacing of characters is essential to get reliable results with check processing.

Making sure that a check meets banking standards is a required step when designing and printing MICR. This is the best desktop test equipment for MICR. The MICR E13B Gauge will provide absolute certainty that everything checks out before going to production.

Today’s check processing is far more demanding than in the past. Banks now outright reject checks which are not within specifications, and often add rejection fees. Avoid these incidents by making sure your checks comply with ABA standards, U.S Check 21 Act and Canadian CPA006.

Make sure your check printing conforms to MICR specifications right away. This package contains a PDF file for printing on your own printer and film, and complete instructions.

PC Minimum System Requirements: PC Recommended System Requirements:
  • Processor:   x86
  • RAM:   250 Mo
  • Hard Disk:   100 Mo
  • Video Card:   Standard
  • Supported OS:   Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
  • Additional Requirements:   Transparency film and High resolution printer required to print the gauge.

    Acrobat Reader DC or Google Chrome required.The app will assist in installing each. The Gauge in PDF form can be saved to use with Acrobat DC or other high precision PDF program can be used. The PDF is protected, and cannot be opened in edition mode.

    One user license. No printing for third parties allowed.

    Print your own MICR Gauge on transparency film in minutes
    Make sure your checks are accepted by the banks
    Quickly and accurately verify everything on the check complies to standards
    Covers all the most recent standards : ANSI X9.100-160-1-2009 and CPA600
    Never wears out : just print a new one when needed

    buy MICR Check Position Gauge : Print it yourself in minutes [Download]