Learning Dreamweaver CS5 Tutorial DVD – Training Video

Learning Dreamweaver CS5 Tutorial DVD - Training Video

Learning Dreamweaver CS5 Tutorial DVD - Training Video

Number of Videos: 147 Lessons – 8.75 Hours Duration
Ships on: DVD-ROM
User Level: Beginner – Advanced
Works On: Windows 7,Vista,XP- Mac OS X

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 is the latest version of what is probably the most popular web design programs. In this video tutorial, the extremely popular and knowledgeable Andy Anderson introduces you to Dreamweaver CS5.

Starting with the basics of mapping out your project, you will quickly move into learning the interface of Dreamweaver, the basics of setting up a site, a document, and working with things like text and images and forms to create amazing web pages. Once you have the hang of the basics, Andy takes this video based training course to the next level, with teaching you the basics of CSS within Dreamweaver CS5. Finally, you will move on to FTPing your site to your hosting company, managing and creating templates, snippets, libraries, and so much more.

By the conclusion of this computer based training video, you will be well versed in how to use the powerful Dreamweaver CS5 to create and manage your own websites. This tutorial comes complete with extensive working files, to allow you to follow along with what the author does, step by step.

Topics Covered

1 Planning A Web Site (4 videos)
2 Getting Started (8 videos)
3 Working With Text (9 videos)
4 Working With Images (9 videos)
5 Creating Links (6 videos)
6 Cascading Style Sheets (9 videos)
7 External Cascading Style Sheets (9 videos)
8 Page Layout With CSS (9 videos)
9 Frames (9 videos)
10 HTML (7 videos)
11 Forms (12 videos)
12 Dreamweaver Behaviors (9 videos)
13 Multimedia (7 videos)
14 Moving Your Site To The Server (5 videos)
15 Snippets And Libraries (8 videos)
16 Dreamweaver Templates (8 videos)
17 Getting Ready For Primetime (8 videos)
18 History, Workspaces, And Shortcuts (6 videos)
19 Search Engine Optimization (5 videos)Reduce learning time by 80%. Learn Dreamweaver CS5 from a professional trainer from your own desk.
Visual training method, offering users increased retention and accelerated learning.
Breaks even the most complex applications down into simplistic steps
Ideal for users who learn faster visually
Works on PC and Mac. Over 8 hours of training

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