Hancom Office 2010 SE (English Edition) – 3PC/1User [Download]

Hancom Office 2010 SE (English Edition) - 3PC/1User [Download]

Hancom Office 2010 SE (English Edition) - 3PC/1User [Download]

Hancom Office 2010 SE is an innovative product that includes a word processor program (Hanword), a spreadsheet program (Hancell), and a presentation program (Hanshow). Common Office application usage scenarios were thoroughly analyzed and incorporated into the UX. In addition to opening, editing, and saving MS Office documents, Hancom Office 2010 SE supports standard ODF files and quick and easy conversion to the PDF file format. At a cost set at only 40% of other office software, Hancom Office 2010 SE is very cost-effective. The Hancom Office 2010 SE Edition further eases the budget for home users, and customers can save even more through the ESD version.


Hanworld 2010 SE is the world processor that creates various documentations and is introduced open box style and intuitive user interface as well as drop-down menus.

Document posting to SNS

‘Posting to Twitter’ enables uploading messages to Twitter account appointed by Hanword program. After establishing content and pictures for posting to Twitter, users can easily post their messages to the assigned Twitter account.

Track Change

Multiple reviewers can review documents, modify, add or delete them. It also provides the function of tracing changes enabling the final reviewer to apply or cancel each after review.

Connection to internet folder

Provide the function of connection management to the internet folders which can load or save files as the internet folders supporting WebDAV


Hancell 2010 is a spreadsheet (Tablet calculation) program to analyze process and manage various data of numerical formula. Supporting 1 million rows, it enables processing of massive data. Since users can also use it as database, product usage level is further expanded.

Stronger filter

As well as automatic filtering, also enables multiple choices, high-end filtering function enables customized data extraction by establishing user-defined condition range.

Pivot function of drag-and-drop method

Position movement between files with a mouse increase usability while compatibility is greatly enhanced with pivot structure similar to excel

Function classification

Classification of functions helps users to find wanted function quickly

Split Screen function

Because a screen can be divided into multiple screens, it increases convenience by allowing cross-reference.


Hanshow 2010 is a presentation exert program that allows users to design and visualize information to effectively deliver it to the audience. To help users to easily create presentation materials at professional levels, design templates and design tools designed by design experts are provided.

Free-style cutting pictures

Without any professional image editing program, users can cut and use only desired parts.

Search Design Templates with keyword

150 kinds of design templates sorted by industry are provided. Users can promptly and easily search desired design templates with keywords such as application fields, purpose, and styles.

Screen Transition Effect

2D/3D screen transition effects keep audience attention and maximize presentation effects.Familiar user-interface
Open, edit, create, and save XML form Microsoft Office Documents to easily share your work
Create PDF documents from any application
Upload the documents on SNS or Webhard.
Create Spreadsheets, charts, graphs, and finance work. Support approximately 4,000 templates

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