AVG Ultimate 2018 Unlimited 2 Years [Online Code]

AVG Ultimate 2018 Unlimited 2 Years [Online Code]

AVG Ultimate 2018 Unlimited 2 Years [Online Code]

AVG Ultimate 2018 Unlimited 2 Year

Ultimate protection and unparalleled performance for unlimited devices. AVG Ultimate combines the security your family relies on with the performance-boosting software your technology needs to create an all-in-one solution for every device in your household. Hosting all the features of our TuneUp and our Internet Security products, this all-in-one solution will keep every PC, Mac, and mobile device running their best. So come discover the host of features and tools that await you in AVG Ultimate.

In this version, you’ll find:

More virus & malware stopping power

An easy-to-use interface with 5 layers of security

New “SCAN COMPUTER” button scans for both performance and security issues

More scan options with a new USB/DVD Scan and Boot-Time Scan

Passive Mode stops active protection so you can have multiple antiviruses on your PC

Upgraded Data Safe makes it even easier to protect your private data

Secure DNS keeps you safe from fake, data-stealing websites

Software Updater ensures your programs stay up-to-date and safe

A redesigned Program Deactivator makes it even easier to reduce the impact of background and startup programs on your PC’s performance

PROTECTION FEATURESAVG Ultimate is the best of the best when it comes to keeping all your mobiles, Macs, and PCs safe from whatever might threaten them. We do this by protecting 5 key areas:

Computer Protection:Real-time protection enhanced with artificial intelligence keeps you safe from every threat, new and old.

Web & Email Protection:Unsafe links and dangerous downloads can’t stop us. We find and block them all, so you don’t have to think twice before clicking away.

Hacker Protection:Hackers might try to get onto your device to steal your private data. They will be stopped by our powerful, unbreakable firewall.

Private Data Protection:Keep your secrets safe with password-protection and encrypted storage, for everything from shopping lists to banking numbers.

Payment Protection:Protection from scams, shams, and spam whenever you get online for worry-free browsing, shopping, and banking.


Live Optimization:Improves your performance with on-the-spot adjustments.

Program Deactivator:Detects and stops programs getting in your way

Startup Manager:Get your PC started as fast as it can

Economy Mode:Squeeze every last drop of power from your laptop’s battery

Duplicate Finder:Most PCs have unnecessary duplicate files taking up space. Yours doesn’t have to.

PC Minimum System Requirements: PC Recommended System Requirements:
  • Processor:   512MB
  • RAM:   512MB
  • Hard Disk:   1500MB
  • Video Card:   1024 × 768 pixels
  • Supported OS:   Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
    Mac Minimum System Requirements: Mac Recommended System Requirements:
    • Processor:   Intel 64bit
    • RAM:   2GB
    • Hard Disk:   500MB
    • Video Card:   1024 × 768 pixels
    • Supported OS:   Mac OS Sierra 10.12, Mac El Capitan 10.11, Mac Yosemite 10.10, Mac Mavericks 10.9, Mac Mountain Lion 10.8

      Enjoy our most advanced protection for UNLIMITED computers, tablets, and phones. One subscription covers every Windows, Mac, or Android device in your family.
      You spend good money on your devices. Why settle for buggy, clunky experiences? Get the best out of all your Windows, Mac, or Android devices with our performance optimizing apps.
      Our new Webcam protection and Ransomware protection features keep peeping Toms out of your bedroom and ransomware away from your files. And TuneUp now includes a software updater to keep all your apps up to date.

      buy AVG Ultimate 2018 Unlimited 2 Years [Online Code]