WebSite X5 Home 12 [Download]

Creating websites with WebSite X5 Home 12 is easy and fun. Forget about technical hassles: you don’t need to know how to program in HTML, all you need to know is what you want to create. And you’ll be surprised at how quick it is to create your pages and get them online. YOUR WEBSITE… read more »

Disney’s Girlfriends

It’s after school and there’s so much to talk about with your girlfriends! Get connected with Disney’s Girlfriends and enjoy an instant messenger, e-mail, making Web pages, fortunetelling, and friends’ profiles, in a safe and contained online environment. There are nine activities in all, hostedby Disney’s modern princesses Jasmine, Belle, and Ariel.

Dynamic Photo HDR [Download]

Dynamic Photo-HDR is a next generation High Dynamic Range Photo Software with Pin-Warping, Anti-Ghosting, Fusion and Color Matching. Using HDR technique we can combine the different exposures to create a single image that shows details in both sky and the land. A High Dynamic Range photography can be created by taking few photos with different… read more »

American Greetings Crafts! 2.0

Create an assortment of crafts with American Greetings Crafts! 2. Choose from over 1,400 templates for project possibilities such as gift-wrap, costumes, buttons, and stencils. Each project includes assembly instructions, designed for both amateurs and advanced crafters. It’s easy to personalize your projects with American Greetings Crafts! 2.

Global News HD Realistic Virtual Set for Green Screen Video Productions

This premium virtual reality news set contains animated high-definition 3D video backgrounds constructed for use with all nonlinear editing system and compositing programs. This collection comes with 24 different angles in MP4 format and with keyed screens for creative composites. Note that this is a premium set; all angles feature subtle movement and animation for… read more »

Custom 3D Home (JC)

4 Complete Products to Design & Decorate Your Home with Ease! Get the expert advice you need to build a new home remodel or get ideas on how to bring a fresh look to your home s d cor!Home Architect From one room to an entire house easily create professional home designs and walk through… read more »

Deep Space Collection [Download]

Explore the mysterious void of outer space with LiveScapes’ Deep Space video screensavers. These high-quality, seamless video loops will make you feel like you are standing on the observation deck of a spaceship traveling through unexplored galaxies. LiveScapes videos aren’t like other screensavers. They’re continuous scenes that look like real life. With LiveScapes, you can… read more »

Dream Launcher – How to Write Children’s Books, Young Adult Books and More. [Online Code]

A 100% free kit packed with information for anyone who wants to write books and ebooks for children and teen. Learn how to choose a great idea, format your manuscript and find the right publisher.Presented by the editors of Children’s Book Insider, the Children’s Writing Monthly.Dream Launcher includes:Dream Launcher Includes: 11 Steps to Writing a… read more »